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Updated: Mar 2, 2021

We started trading in salts back when the family company first launched in 1976. It wasn’t until we had the realisation that salts were more beneficial to bathe in, than consume that we decided to completely change our direction. In doing so we quickly launched our core range of health and wellbeing, restorative bath salts including our SaltsAndCo Australia Epsom Salts, Epsom and Pink Himalayan Salts and Magnesium Flakes (for the ultimate bathing experience).

Since this realisation what a journey it has been; 44 years on SaltsAndCo Australia is still run by the same Australian family (with a few new family members to welcome to the team) and has gone from strength to strength in selling our range of salt and salt related products Australia wide.

Today we are proud to finally launch some of our most popular products direct to customer so you to can bathe like the Romans and soak up the natural goodness of epsom bath salts (as well as be the first souls to see and test out our newest products to market). ENJOY!

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