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Do you find yourself escaping the daily grind and travelling off to a relaxing, tropical island with no one to distract you? Okay, that may be too far of a stretch but a girl can dream, right!? In saying that, we do have something exciting to share that will definitely make you feel like you’re away in the tropics. Now I’m sure everyone has noticed the coconut craze and it’s all for a good reason. Coconuts offer an array of health benefits, whether that’s in a solid form, liquified or blended through some Epsom bath salts (hint, hint). Coconut itself is rich in fibre and MCTs, and assists with heart health, weight loss and digestion. As a liquid, virgin coconut oil offers plenty of hair and skin benefits like reducing inflammation, keeping skin moisturised and boasting anti ageing properties. It's a win, win!

Our SaltsAndCo Australia Epsom Coconut Bath Salts are fragrance free and all natural, dissolving in the bath to both moisturise and nourish the skin, as well as reduce body pain and calm the senses. You truly will feel like an island princess.

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