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We're coco-crazy for coconuts

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Find yourself escaping the daily grind and travelling off to a relaxing, tropical island with no one to distract you. Okay, that may be too far of a stretch but a girl can dream, right!? We do have something exciting to share with you that will definitely make you feel like you’re away in the tropics for even just a little bit. Now I’m sure everyone has noticed the coconut craze and it’s definitely for a good reason. Coconuts offer an array of health benefits, whether that’s in a solid form, liquified or blended through some Epsom bath salts (hint, hint). Coconut itself is rich in fibre and MCTs, and assists with heart health, weight loss and digestion. As a liquid, coconut oil offers plenty of hair and skin benefits like reducing inflammation, keeping skin moisturised and helping to heal wounds. Our SaltsAndCo Australia Epsom Coconut Bath Salts offer a lovely scent of calming coconut, and once blended in to a warm bath, it can moisturise and nourish the skin, as well as reduce body pain and calm the senses. You truly will feel like an island princess.

Give yourself a taste of luxury and relaxation whilst soaking away with our SaltsAndCo Australia Epsom Coconut Bath Salts. Find ease and tropical bliss for a few minutes of your day – it will be a dream come true.

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