Our most powerful, healing bath soak for a stronger recovery from intense training. Our SaltsAndCo Pure Magnesium Bath Flakes offer a magnesium rich bath soak to increase your bodies natural magnesium levels* to assist in pain management, joint and muscle soreness. Simply soak away the day and regenerate by adding these flakes to a bath for an all natural soak.


*If you believe you have a magnesium deficiency we recommend you talk to your doctor or health care professional who based on a complete assessment can recommend an appropriate treatment plan.



  • Our SaltsAndCo range of magnesium rich products are an all natural source of magnesium to gently enrich your own magnesium stores and may be used to assist with;

    • Post exercise for a stronger and faster recovery
    • Muscle cramps & spasms
    • Restless legs
    • Sleep quality
    • Support muscle health
    • Relief from psoriasis and eczema symptoms
    • General well being