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    Slow the pace by calming your mind, body and soul with these pure, fragrance free, bath salts.


    This salt bath mix is a delicate blend of our SaltsAndCo Australia Epsom Bath Salts and freshly picked, naturally dried lavender. Lavender is known to have a natural calming effect and thought to improve sleep. It also promotes skin health with anti inflammatory, healing and balancing properties. 


    Well known for its wellness benefits our Epsom Bath Salts are magnesium sulphate in its purest form to regenerate the body by helping to relax and soothe muscle aches to aid in a faster recovery, improve sleep and for relaxing the mind, body and soul.


    Australian owned and operated. No parabens, PEGs or animal derived products. Not tested on animals.



    • Directions

      Add 1-2 cups in the cotton bag provided and submerge in a warm bath.


    • Ingredients

      Magnesium Sulphate, Dried Lavender.

    • Storage

      Store in a cool, dry place. Product may deteriorate if left unsealed or when kept in humid conditions.

    • Uses

      Our SaltsAndCo range of epsom salts are an all natural source of magnesium to gently enrich your own magnesium stores and may be used to assist with;

      Post exercise for a stronger and faster recovery

      Muscle cramps & spasms

      Restless legs

      Sleep quality

      Support muscle health

      Relief from psoriasis and eczema symptoms

      General well being

    • Warnings

      Keep out of reach of children.

      We do not suggest product be ingested. In the case of ingestion please seek medical advice from your health care provider.

      Avoid contact with eyes. If skin irritation or rash occurs discontinue use.

      If you are pregnant or breast feeding seek advice from a medical practicioner before using product.

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