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All you Need To Know About Our Activated Charcoal Bath salts

ICYMI, Activated Charcoal is starting to become a global trend, with much more products now incorporating the popular activated charcoal in skincare products, food items and even in toothpaste! Some may think that this is a very weird trend, but we have definitely jumped on board and it’s super beneficial!

Our blend of Activated Charcoal and Pure Epsom Bath Salts offers a pure mineral blend that is clean and natural. Our activated charcoal is plant derived from steam activated charcoal for an all-natural scrub or bath soak to detoxify and naturally cleanse the skin. In addition to this, our Salts&Co Epsom salts are an all-natural source of magnesium to gently enrich your own magnesium stores and may be used to assist with a range of things, including:

- Post exercise for a stronger and faster recovery

- Muscle cramps and spasms

- Restless legs

- Sleep quality

- Support muscle health

- Relief from psoriasis and eczema symptoms

- General well being

For the best results, add 4 scoops (300g) to a warm bath + soak for 30 minutes.

Treat yourself to some ‘me-time’ and embrace all the good that this blend of activated charcoal and Epsom salts have to offer.

Head to our website here to check it out:

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