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Having a warm, relaxing bath is one of life’s underrated luxuries. Lucky for us at Salts and Co Australia, we just can’t get enough of salt baths.

For the most zen bathing experience we're sharing a few of our favourite podcasts to listen to so your mind can travel to another existence and you can reach ultimate relaxation. Amazing!

Our Top 10 relaxing podcasts worthy of listening to during tub time:

  • My Favourite Murder – Hosted by two true-crime fanatics, each episode sees the pair delve into a murder case with a uniquely hilarious, light hearted approach.

  • Shameless – A celebrity and pop-culture podcast hosted by Melbourne Journalists Zara McDonald and Michelle Andrews.

  • Hamish and Andy – A weekly show where Australian comedy duo Hamish and Andy continue to taunt each other with a show that is more about their listeners than themselves.

  • Mamamia Podcasts – The thrice-weekly podcast that’s smart, often silly and sometimes surprising. Everything is up for discussion from pop culture to politics, body image to motherhood and feminism to fashion.

  • Casefile Presents: Casefile True Crime – A weekly Australian crime podcast that deals with solved or cold criminal cases, often related to well-known murders and serial crimes.

So kick back, set up the tub with some snacks and a glass of red, and let your mind go into full relaxation mode whilst listening to an interesting podcast with a side of bath salts.

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