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If hearing the words ‘pamper day’ and ‘skincare’ ignite a spark in you, then you'll truly appreciate this DIY hack!

Our blend of Activated Charcoal and Pure Epsom Bath Salts offers a pure mineral blend that is clean and natural for the ultimate bath soak. With a little sprinkle into the tub, you'll be on your way to detoxify and naturally cleanse the skin. However, this blend can also double as a facemask.

Now, we know, skincare routines can be quite time consuming and some days you just can't be bothered (we've definitely been there, done that!). But, when time prevails, it's a great feeling to set aside some pamper time and layer on a face mask. With our DIY Activated Charcoal Facemask, you can have plenty of fun with it too! Being a dark grey colour, you can mix things up by creating cute designs on your face, or stick to the basics and lather the facemask on all over your face for the ultimate rejuvenating skincare sesh.

If you want a bit of company too, why not invite some gal pals over and turn it into a full pamper day! We're thinking facemasks, movies, and plenty of snacks. It's the perfect excuse to #treatyourself on the regular. Check out how to DIY your own charcoal facemask below! *

DIY Activated Charcoal Face Mask: INGREDIENTS 1/3 cup coconut oil, melted 2 tablespoons of Salts&Co Activated Charcoal and Epsom salt, crushed ½ tsp baking soda METHOD 1. Stir all ingredients together in a jar or bowl 2. Apply to your face using your fingertips or a brush. Let the mask set for 20 minutes, then wash your face clean.

*NOTE: Patch test prior to use, especially for sensitive skin. If tingling or irritation occurs, remove with water and discontinue use.

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