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Relieve the stress of everyday life and unwind by creating your very own calming oasis at home with a little help from SaltsAndCo Australia.

Baths are the perfect way to keep up with your selfcare routine, from relieving stress to reducing muscle tension and simply giving you time to relax.

These simple tips will leave your skin glowing and help reset your mind - So, buckle up, cause it’s time to get your glow on!

1. MAKE TIME AND BOOK YOURSELF IN; Allow yourself to enjoy some peace and quiet by setting aside a time slot where you won’t be interrupted. Remind yourself that it’s important to make time to relax and recharge.

2. SET THE SCENE; Reduce clutter, dim the lights and put on a soothing playlist (if you’re after some inspo see our favourite songs to soak by). If you love a particular scent there’s nothing quite like the dull glow of a few candles to set the scene.

3. DETOX WATER; While there’s nothing quite like a glass of champagne to ‘set the mood’ – it’s important to stay hydrated while you bathe. To get you started we’re suggesting to save the champagne for later and instead opt for a drink that’ll act as both a hydrator and a body de-toxer. This simple tea is a ‘go to’ tonic to help your body rid itself of toxins (and possibily provide your immune system with a much needed boost).


1 lemon, halved

2-inch piece of fresh ginger, thinly sliced

2 cups of boiling water


· Bring a kettle of water to the boil

· Slice lemon in half and juice into your favourite mug, add in sliced ginger

· Top with boiling water and wait a few minutes for the flavours to infuse. If you need a little sweetness you can add honey or agave syrup.

4. ADD BATH SALTS; Now this bit's important. To really bathe like the Romans dip into our range of SaltsAndCo Australia pure salts and salt blends for the most decadent soak.

SaltsAndCo Australia Epsom Pure Epsom Bath Salts

A bath soak that is all natural to cleanse, detoxify and soothe the body.

SaltsAndCo Australia Epsom + Pink Himalayan Bath Salts

All natural with combined health and healing properties of Epsom and Pink Himalayan salts.

SaltsAndCo Australia Magnesium Bath Flakes

The most powerful, healing bath soak with pure Magnesium Bath Flakes. This one is great for athletes in boosting magnesium levels and alleviating muscle cramps, spasms and sprains.

SaltsAndCo Australia Epsom and Coconut Oil

A pure and naturally scented bath soak with organic coconut oil to replenish and moisturise tired skin.

SaltsAndCo Australia Epsom and Florals

Buckle up, cause it’s time to get your glow on! Nourish the skin with natural epsom salts infused with rose petals, hibiscus or lavender.

5. RELAX; Let go of all the stress you have been feeling and keep your mind present in the moment, calm your thoughts and focus on deep breathing.

· Empty your lungs of air

· Take a slow, deep breath in, and count to 4

· Hold your breath for about 4 seconds

· Slowly exhale through your nose (don’t force the exhale, just slowly let the air go)

· Get into a steady rhythm of counting your breaths and repeat the cycle up to 4 times

6. WIND DOWN; Spend the rest of your night enjoying calming activities. Hop into some comfy clothes, relax with a herbal tea (or that champagne that was calling you earlier) and wind down with your favourite book.

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