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The rumours are true, Pink Himalayan salt is now a household necessity. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing (can you tell we love pink?), but it also offers plenty of assistance with people’s health, both on the inside and outside.

Whether it’s used in your cooking, your bedside lamp or even as a garnish for your favourite cocktail, this salt can work wonders over time.

Our current go-to is using Pink Himalayan Salt in the bath! Like Epsom Salt, Himalayan salt is also a natural detoxify as well as having beneficial healant properties that make it particularly favorable for relaxation and bathing. What's more, Himalayan Salt is said to have natural detoxifying properties when used as a soak and thought to promote better sleep quality at night by assisting in balancing hormones and enzymes.

This salty blend of Epsom bath salts and Pink Himalayan salt creates the perfect tub to relax in for soothing every inch of the body. This all natural, soothing to the skin, bath salt blend is particularly suited to anyone that suffers from itchy skin conditions including eczema and/or psoriasis* with all the fundamental benefits of an Epsom salt bath.

* For sensitive skin patch test prior to use.

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