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For all the soon-to-be mummas

Updated: May 24, 2021

It’s no secret that pregnancy is whole-of body hard, especially on your muscles, bones, joints and ligaments. It's EXHAUSTING! which is why it's essential to put aside some me time during the day. This can be spent just sitting in bed with Netflix and chocolate, or soaking away in an all-natural, lukewarm salt bath (just keep the temp low, as hot baths are a big NO for soon to be mummas).

Whilst bubble baths are a girl’s best friend, a bath infused with pure Epsom salt is a pregnant woman’s ally with the natural and mineral-rich Epsom salt working wonders to relax the body. Epsom salt is made up of crystallised magnesium and sulphate which completely dissolves in a bath. For our pregnant friends, skip anything scented and head straight for our Salts & Co Pure range of Epsom Bath Salts to soak away to - they’re natural, pure and a great body relaxant.

There are a whole range of health benefits associated with the use of Epsom salts, from soothing muscles, softening skin and even aiding with digestion. For all the soon to be mums Epsom salts are particularly helpful for swollen feet, back aches, restless legs or that terrible skin itch from stretched skin. More so, by relaxing in an Epsom salt infused bath can help replenish low magnesium levels which can dip during pregnancy.

So ladies, give your body a little well deserved, extra lovin’ during your pregnancy and peacefully soak away in an Epsom-infused bath. Just remember to always have assistance with getting in and out of the tub and ensure the water temperature is kept cool and lukewarm - as soaking in a hot bath is detrimental to your babies health. Alternatively, grab a small basin-like tub and create your own mini spa with an Epsom-salt bath for your feet.

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